I am getting a daily devotional on the names of God.  Today’s name was Yahweh Shammah.  Technically it is the name of a city, and means The Lord is There.  It reminds us that we were created to both manifest and enjoy God’s presence. 

As I think about Compel and the upcoming conference, I’m reminded that enjoying that presence in the company of fellow believers is a true joy.  I am in daily prayer that we will experience Yahweh Shammah at this years conference.  Yes, that hearts will be moved, and new friendships fromed, but more importantly that as we enter into the weekend that we can say “The Lord is Here.” 

From the devotional, this is one area that stuck out.  I’d love comments on this. 

British preacher Charles Spurgeon once said that “whenever it can be said of an assembly, ‘The Lord is there,’ unity will be created and fostered. Show me a church that quarrels, a church that is split up into cliques, a church that is divided with personal ambitions, contrary doctrines, and opposing schemes, and I am sure that the Lord is not there.”  How have you experienced unity as a mark of God’s presence in your church and in your home?

If we enter into prayer for the conference and come with a heart open and a spirit of unity, as women of Christ, we are so much closer to uniting.  Do you have stories of how God used unity to make his presence known?  I feel compelled to say, as we prepare ourselves, He WILL draw us near!  Can’t wait to see Him working at the conference!   

by:  Jen Sandbulte