What makes God, God?

Is it His ability to be everywhere at the same time? I’m not sure I’d even want that ability. I have enough trouble being where I need to be! But the peace we have in the fact that He can be where He needs to be; all of those places at the same time, that is amazing. There’s nowhere we could go where He will not be. (Ps. 139:7-10)

Maybe it’s His power. We can not even imagine the power and authority He possesses; this God that by the power of His Word the worlds were not only created, but are sustained. He literally draws a line in the sand and tells the ocean not to cross it! (Job 38:8-11) His authority is immeasurable and never diminishes. When He uses His power He isn’t left with less of it; it is perpetual and self-replenishing.

Could it be His vast knowledge? I’m not even sure ‘knowledge’ is the right term for what He has. The little Christmas song that states “…he knows when you are sleeping. He knows when you’re awake.” should be attributed to its rightful Owner. God alone has that level of knowledge. His ways are higher above ours than the heavens are above the earth. (Is. 55:8) Though we struggle with the inability to understand why He does what He does and why He doesn’t do other things because they seem a really good idea to us. It would be a scary thing if we did understand everything He does. Why would we need Him if that were true? It’s what makes Him God and us not.

Aside from the correct percentage of oxygen and gravity to make this whole thing stay together or the right combination of DNA to make every single person unique or the amount of plankton it takes to feed a whale and how that plays a part in the circle of life. He offers a retirement plan which can never be equaled!

So what makes God, God? He possesses life and desires to make it available in its fullest measure. Though His knowledge, power and abilities are clearly outside the realm of our understanding, He repeatedly exposes His heart of love for us in His Word, the Bible and through the provision of the Cross we have the invitation to draw near. Amazing!