Does anyone else find it amazing how quickly we move on with life.  It seems like just yesterday when we were all together listening to Lysa.  And then life takes control again…. UGH! 

The Compel Team has already started looking forward to next year, and we are excited!  BUT….  I want to make sure that we take time to savor the time we had being still before the Lord. 

I’m going to ask a favor.  I’m wanting to send to Holly (Lysa’s very trustworthy assistant) some comments from our group.  I’ve seen several things on facebook and had some great posts here.  What I’d love is if each of you would be willing to post a comment on how the conference impacted your life.  Especially a couple of weeks out. 

Many times, it’s easy to say great things about an awesome speaker like Lysa (She was really awesome!) but then not follow where God has led us.  If we continue to keep our eyes fixed on how he moved in us and where he is taking us, it’s easier to maintain our focus. 

SO… look at this is a little opportunity to re-focus.  (Did I mention sales is not my forte! hee-hee!) 

Seriously though….  Something dawned on me last week while reading on Lysa’s blog about her computer issues.  She is out doing the Lord’s work so often… and now her Made to Crave Book is going gang busters….  (it’s number 7 on the best seller list now!)  Anytime someone is that all out for God, you have to know that the evil one will mess with whatever he can.  SO…  I’d love it if you would pray a shield of protection over Lysa and her family.  AND… I’d love to have a list of real sincere feedback items to give to Holly for Lysa. 

(Have I begged enough yet?)