MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Hoping your celebration of the birth of our savior is going well! I was awake much of last night savoring our family Christmas eve and then remembering that so many are sad and struggle through the holidays. My heart is so heavy for those people, I pray blessings over each of them as they work their way through today!!

I’m hoping some of you were blessed with tickets to this years event coming up soon! The details are coming together and the prayer team is already praying for those of you that have signed up!!

If you don’t have your ticket already make sure you sign up early. We had a minor glitch with amazon last week, but everything seems to be running smoothly now! Our apologies if you were trying to sign up and encountered problems!

You can sign up at our website

Even before i can get Christmas completed I’m getting more excited about January. WOW. Did I dally just type that??? More to come!!