I laughed when I read this phrase on Melissa’s blog when I did the study with her the first time.  Don’t we all.  Often in my day, I catch myself having these thoughts and have to backfill with positive thoughts!

We don’t need to cover who we are.  There will be people who will try to tell us who we are isn’t good enough.  We have to know who were are in Christ…we have to know what God’s Word says about us…because in this world we will fall short. We will disappoint.

We won’t measure up.  I stink at life.  But God is bigger.  He loves us.  His promises are enough. We don’t have to listen to the voices that don’t believe in us. God always believes in us.Doubt surrounds us.  God’s love conquers doubt.
Let me hear from you.  How has Chapter 2 spoken to you so far?  What about the memory verse?  Please do share!
Ladies, if you feel similar to me…let me just tell you, YOU DON’T STINK AT LIFE!!!   Yes, we might mess up.  Yes we might be a little too real or trusting at times.  But no matter what just be yourself.  And I’m gonna try to keep doing that too.
Love and Blessings!  I Love Y’all!  <3