As I continue to hear testimonies of the COMPEL conference, I am beyond words.  I have cried holy spirit tears of joy more in the last two days….  God is truly amazing.  Renee’s teaching and the prayer warrior in our prayer room changed lives.  (OK – well GOD changed lives, but these sweet women allowed themselves to be used by him!)


Every year is special.  Every year is a blessing.  But this year, this year was really great.  Ladies, Renee is honestly just so sweet.  She doesn’t have a “stage” presence.  She is really just that sweet.  I feel like I’ve been blessed with a new friend in her!  She is real and authentic.  As I processed the weekend, I struck with more and more areas where I need to be more real and authentic.  Where do I have my mask on?  Where do I “pretend?”

And I’ll be honest… I need to be spending more time in God’s word.  I pray, quite a bit really.  But I’m not in his word as often as I would like.  SO….  for those of you feeling convicted of the same… I’m right there with you!  I recently started a new mentoring relationship with an incredible woman of God and have asked her to challenge me in this.  If you’re struggling with the same thing, or where ever you are struggling, my encouragement is for you to find someone to walk with you and hold you accountable!

I’m still working at playing catch up, but rest assured, you will be hearing more from me in the days ahead!  Lots to process after such a great weekend.
Thanks to each and every one of you!  It is YOU that make it special!