Just imagine! You are invited to the most elaborate and exclusive event of your life!! What does it feel like to be chosen?! The banquet which has taken centuries to prepare has a place card with your name on it! The Host is waiting just for you!

What would you have to do for an invitation like this? There will be women from every race, age, social class and economic level. Intelligence, religion, beauty or name status does not affect the guest list. There is only one requirement necessary; a personal relationship with the King of Heaven: Jesus Christ.

The common theme through out Scripture is God loves people. He, Who is the Creator of heaven, Architect of earth, Sole-designer of every sunrise and Painter of daily sunsets, Boundary Manager of each shore down to knowing the number of grains of sand lying there! This God, Who weave’s the strand of every human DNA from all who were ever conceived and knows each individual destiny. This God, Who knows our deepest pain and our greatest secret; love us still… This God, Who knows our failures, listens for our repentance and then offers us—the ultimate invitation.

We have a standing invitation; from God Almighty to Draw Near! This amazing invitation has an equally awesome promise that as we do—He will draw near to us!!

Draw Near to God and He will draw near to you. James 4:8a NKJV

Posted by Shery Miller