WOW!!!  What a weekend!  Ladies, I am trusting that you were blessed as much as I was this weekend! 

Today I am filled with peace.  Joanna moved me and made me laugh.  More importantly, she made me think.  Where am I still holding things?  I am praying for new revelation of the things that I’m not realizing that I’m holding on to.  I am also praying that happens in each of you in the weeks to come.  This life we live is a process.  (Praise God!)  I want to process this piece completely.  I want to work through it over the next few months; not just say well that was good and move forward. 

I encourage each of you to share with us through your comments on this blog or via e-mail.  We’d love to support and help you process.  That is what the sense of commnity is all about! 

I want to savor this year, before we move onto next year.   Will you do so with me?