Better than Christmas!

Compel 2011 is complete. The boxes packed away. I told someone today that it feels like the end of Christmas. All the anticipation, all the preparation and meal planning….

And then… it’s over.

The good thing is, with Compel, there are so many sweet new Jesus Sisters sending notes and messages that I feel like it will live on forever! I don’t have words tonight to express how I feel. Between a horrible cold finally catching up with me, and a night of basically no sleep on Friday, and the emotional high wearing off, I’m kaput.  (In a very good way!) 

Just know for tonight that “It is well with my soul.”  I’m sitting and absorbing His fullness, and wanting to just Be Still and soak it all in.  Oh, how I love Jesus!

More thoughts will definately follow!  Can’t wait to share some of my processing with each of you!