Throw Away

by Melissa Taylor

The words “throw away” pierce my heart.

When I hear them I think of garbage. Throwing away the trash.

Throughout my life, there were times when I felt like a “throw away” person. And often I acted like one too.

When you feel like trash, like you are worthless, dirty, unattractive, invisible…often you act like it too. And I did.

Much of my life was spent living without a lot of confidence. I thought if I didn’t act a certain way, perform well, please everybody, and hide my dirty secrets, then I was worth throwing away. “Not true,” says God.  :)

I have since grown up and by the grace of God learned that He doesn’t make “throw away” people. I know that I can find confidence in Him and I know the promises He gives me are true. However, the struggle remains. I need the reminder daily of who I am in Christ, that I am loved, and my future is secure. I need God-confidence that I can’t find on my own.

I love our key verse this week.  The words “throw away” are used differently. We are told what not to throw away.

So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. Hebrews 10:35-36

Did you catch that?  Do not throw away your confidence. Hard concept in today’s crazy, fallen world. And a challenge I want to present you with today.

If you are doing this study, then obviously you aren’t ready to quit just yet. For some of you this study has offered the glimmer of hope you needed. I understand that and I’m so glad we are all in this together.  God will work through His Word and in our hearts as we begin to let His Word change the way we think, which will determine the way we feel and eventually transform our lives.  His Word is that powerful. So we all should have hope in that.


So (this is Jen now;-)  how is your reading going gals?  I haven’t seen many of you introducing yourself in the comments!  Please stop on by there – it’s a great way to begin to connect as a group!  (Or tell me you prefer I set up a private facebook page!)

Ok, so for today…..  Share your thoughts on Chapter 1 and the Reflection Questions.

Hold on to your confidence, don’t throw it away. Let the only thing you toss out be the stinkin’ thinkin’ you need to get rid of anyway.